Where, oh, where to begin..


I suppose the best place to start is the beginning. Not the very beginning where I had no idea what I was even doing or why. But the beginning when I finally opened my eyes wide and saw my passion for something real and finally made the decision to do something about it. That’s where I’ll begin.

I’ve been avidly creating for three years now with a recent break over the past six months. I decided to move away from where I first found my aspiration to create in order to build a life a little different then I originally thought out. In this process my creativeness slowed. I began to feel more distant from myself and started falling back into the same depression I fought hard to stay out of. But alas, such is life to fall back down the hole you’ve already climbed out of several times before. This is why I create.
But I do this in an unconventional way. You see, most people would board that hole up and travel as far away from it as possible, but I do the opposite. The best way to describe the type of art that I do is this: I jump in the hole that my mind continuously coaxes me into. I prepare myself first by tying a rope around myself that’s securely fastened to reality so I don’t get lost and I bring a flashlight so I can see what the hell is going on down there. This “hole” I speak of is the depth of my mind I can’t easily confront.

studio 1I paint through emotion. I paint this way in hopes I will one day stop fearing my own mind. I paint in such a way that no one person can see the same image but so every person can see a different image and perhaps no image at all and perhaps several images at once. There is a way the mind speaks to us and creates images from pieces of shapes and color and texture. Our minds create for us in a way we may not consciously understand. But it is, simply, beautiful.

This is the beginning. The beginning to further understand myself and to help you understand why I create the way I do.

2 Replies to “Where, oh, where to begin..”

  1. What’s really unique is that you and I know each other… but not really! Equally as artists of different venues the two of us share some same values or as some would say issues. I too am beginning to realize some success and this is encouraging yet takes me farther down the rabbit hole at the same time. It is an adrenaline rush. It is indeed a lonely existence and there will be periods of exile from creativity. I’ve had two periods of five year free fall with not hitting a note. Just now recovering from the second one but with stronger more fresh ideas… so not all is lost being tangled in the roots of the rabbit hole. There’s so much we should share. Much Love!! Maestro

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    1. This means so much to me. Artist to artist, it’s good to know I am not alone in my understanding. It’s a tough journey but as long as we continue to try we can make it. Thank you for reading and following my journey. I look forward to seeing your progress and I hope all the best for you.


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